Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flow of My Day

Typical diary post as of today. I woke up early (and it's a non-class day today). We had our career talk awhile ago regarding on some programs/courses we are about to take in college. It's a talk session for us so we could decide carefully on which is which. There were also influential and inspiring speakers like Mr. Johnny Sy (Head of Digital Consumer Devices), Dr. Robert Ang (Eye Ophthalmologist, Specialist) and Mr. David Chua (Governor of Philippine Stocks Exchange) that went to our school to give a talk about how to succeed in college and some helpful stints. Funny thing, they all came from St. Jude Catholic School too, a TRUE JUDENITE. The four sessions that I was registered in are Advertising Arts, Pharmacy, Mass Communication and Mechanical Engineering. By the way, some of it are not really my type of program to take in, it's just that I got late in the registration last last time, so I just took up my least favorites like pharmacy and mechanical engineering. But I'm not telling you, especially incoming college freshmen, not to take up those 2 programs, I'm just not into it.By the way, I only took a picture during the Mechanical Engineering because I was busy reading the brochures and fliers of their schools.
During Mechanical Engineering with the Mapua Institute of Tech. Faculty Members

Mapua faculty staffs and speakers

Fliers I'm reading that caused me not to take much photos
 During my Pharmacy session, our speaker from Adamson University asked some questions related to pharmacy. He asked us what college schools offer pharmacy program (he's looking for some unique answers). Majority says UP, UST, ATENEO, Adamson University (because he's wearing his ID) and more top schools that are famous. But when I said, "Saint Jude College" although not related to St. Jude Catholic School, my school, he then interviewed me with some things and there, I won a prize.. yey! :)
Adamson University ballers
Well, it's quite a day. I really enjoyed it at the same time because at least, I now have decided which program to take and career opportunities waiting. ♥

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