Monday, July 02, 2012

A Stack of Tasks

Succeeded a number of tasks. Hi Guys! I'm posting about my tasks and they're the major reasons why I can't blog too. Hmm, it became my daily goal to myself that I need to finish first my assignments before doing anything else not important or not on my lists. Well, I tried to be bad sometimes by disobeying my own rules. But I think it's not right to do it because of experiencing bad karma too.

First, I tried to draw the format or layout sketch of Dr. Jose Rizal (our national hero). It was a bit hard copying the real image though. But pardon me guys for the monstrous sketch I did, haha.It's  not my intention to make him look like that. lol.
my format sketch of Dr. Jose Rizal

After making my hideous format sketch, I tried finishing my trigonometry by just rewriting since I wrote it in a scratch. I was going dizzy all over finding words without computer, my reference, books, plain books.
My assignment in Trigonometry wherein we should give definitions
I still have time to practice and play guitar from all these major academic assignments, and yet, I bought a new pick since my old pick was lost. I miss that pick, it's made of a pearl-like cover and a personalized name of mine on it.
Guitar chords
Then, I rewrote my Chinese calligraphy since I wrote so many wrong words and it already looks like a trash paper. 
Ink which we use to write calligraphy
Is advancing being a nerd? No, right? 'Cause I'm expecting no one would call me tomorrow as a nerd. haha, Because I did a little advancing like reading chemistry, geometry, and recalling trigonometry as my Kuya Deric taught me during non-school days.
Some of my Kuya Deric's notes which in fact, he gave it to me
Well, I said to myself, that even a pile of tasks were given to me, I will try my best to accomplish them all. Experienced the feeling of being a failure for not doing the important things for today, or even my to-do lists.

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