Monday, July 30, 2012

Stuffs In My Bag

Stuffs in my bag. Received a message on my inbox requesting to post what's in my bag. Actually these are not really my items, but got it from Google and they're closely related. Anyways, fast forward. I have a lot of things in my bag. But when I go out for a simple walk, or just anything, here are some of the most "CARRIED" items.

So the question is, what's really in my bag?

  1. I usually bring a pen with me for instant jotting down of notes and etc. It became my hobby to bring a pen when I was in grade school. Because we were on a school trip then the teacher announced the assignments and I was only the one who remembered the assignment since I am the only one with a pen.
  2. The second, I bring my Kodak camera with me whenever I go to malls, restos and more. Because I don't like my blog being left behind for updates. But there's really a time whenever I left my camera, I regret badly.
  3. Perfume is the 3rd thing I bring with me in case I attend special events. But I suggest you try KALOO, because it's not that strong smell, but it's like a normal and simple cologne though.
  4. Comb, of course, no girl in would ever tend to leave a comb. Although I know my hair is sometimes shaggy or let's say wavy with a twist, still, that's my style, and I always bring a comb.
  5. I never leave the house without accessories with me. Any accessories is appropriate like, ballers, bracelet, stacks of bracelets, especially necklaces. It's like my trademark already. :)
  6. Lastly, the matching pair of my pen, is the notebook. Well, on my notebook, there's a cover on it, so partly, at the sides of the inner cover, I insert all my important paper files like contact numbers, addresses etc.
Well, anyways, now you know what's in my bag, might wanna share yours too! Message me the link and I might post it here for inspirations ♥