Sunday, September 02, 2012

It's Finally Over

Our exam week is finally over (long post ahead). Within the past week, I've been stressed and etc. It's a STUDY STUDY STUDY schedule for me. But yesterday was the last exam, and I can say it's finally O.V.E.R. I hope the results would be a heart-melting one, the one that I could be able to tell myself that I made it. This coming week is a special week for me, don't ask why... just hang on.

As what I'm saying about the "special" week, it still makes me sad about what happened to my very sentimental camera. I think the witnesses of what happened, whole family and uncle, pity me and decided to give me a temporary camera, CASIO EXILIM. But I'm still striving hard for what I really desire (a Canon hopefully or Kodak).

So, this day, just trying out the camera and it feels weird for me since I'm used to Kodak, but I said to myself, I'm gonna get used to it sooner or later since this one has a smaller megapixel than my Kodak which is now gone. Below shot, you'll see my tired and haggard looking face. I remembered, at school, some of my friends told me I look like my dog died and got up late (haha, so not true).
So, I guess, it's still a clear shot although the clearness is not what I have expected it would be. Also, I took a photo of Ken, stolen shot of him. But uhm, it's yours to judge if he's texting or playing..
I hope this coming week would be great and no bad luck would pass by. Anyways, I promise that on my next post, I could be able to share my playlist. hehe :)
By the way, I would like to share what I've been using until now, Lacarian lipbalm.. cute! You know, this is the one that makes me look neutral and gives me a not-so-tired looking face. woohoo, cheers to Lacarian for serving us the best. :D