Monday, October 08, 2012

A Very Fine Sunday

Sunday afternoon serves me right. A fine weather, a fine productive day, a fine day to shop, a fine day to eat at different places, this is a nice Sunday. I could absolutely say I made my own Sunday great since i finished my assignments before going out. Then, I immediately went off to Robinsons Magnolia. Still a new place, so expect some (of my favorite) stores are still not yet open for launch.

I get to take a few pictures there because as what I'm saying, it's a fine weather for a Sunday, even in an afternoon time. So, I got to spend my afternoon with a low-priced yet yummy coffee, I didn't even think of going to Starbucks or anything that time, what was on my mind is that any coffee would do. I chose to drink a 15Php worth of Nescafe coffee, see, a budget-friendly coffee. I know you're all murmuring right now why I'm so "CHEAP-ish" that time, nah, it's the taste that counts for me.

While drinking coffee, I have to tell you, vanity and vain-ness strikes. I don't know why I'm on a hyper-mode that time wherein I even asked my brother to take a picture of me drinking this coffee, (blushes to admit) I usually do not ask my brother about picture thingy-s but the hell just happened. Blame it all on me.

Also, my hyper-ness mode allowed me to change my attitude that moment when we went inside Power Mac. Usually, whenever I'm inside stores, I just walk and check the quality and then the price, and if I like it (if the budget suits), I buy it. But that time, guess what, I chit chatted the salesmen, as in SALESMEN and I didn't got shy to plug in my phone on the Beats by Dre speaker with a full-volume just to try the bass of that, gosh! I think I fell in love with the speaker, aw, if you could just hear the crisp of the sound of bass..I'm adding it to my "to buy" list (evil laughs). 

I guess that's it for today, another school day tomorrow, and it's the MONDAY MADNESS. :)