Saturday, October 06, 2012

When Everyone Found Happiness in 2 Days

HS-3E Retreat October 5-6, 2012, at the SVD Retreat House with Father Pavol Hudak. On the 5th of October by morning, woke up early, but still arrived a little bit late. Plus, here's the bad news, my supposed-to-be seatmate in the bus was absent.. Hillary, why'd you left me alone? :( But that didn't ruin my day, of course. So, during the trip, taking my solo part on the seats, lucky for me because I had the chance to place my bag beside me and slept on the window pane so peacefully..

After arriving there, I asked them why almost all of them had colds already, I wonder why I didn't have. Maybe because their immunity is not yet familiarized with the very cold weather in the morning only wearing thin clothing. Then, after knowing our roommates, I had to admit it, I went room hopping and then back to my "roomies" again. They even told me I'm like a frog, leaping from place to place, but not LITERALLY haha.
Myles Tan
Jacqueline and Sellina
*This photo here is copyrighted by Myles
*This photo here is copyrighted by Myles too
 The evergreen trees, when you're here, you'll feel the cold fresh air breeze, a very relaxing weather matched our day. Roasted pig (Lechong Kawali) on the upper right, that's our dinner yesterday, including the veggies below. Then the remaining 3 are my orders inside the SVD Retreat House canteen, yummy mango cheese and buko pie. I would truly admit that IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES. 2 thumbs up for these delicacies, only in the Philippines.

I didn't know that stolen shot of mine would end up like I'm a crazy teen go wild. haha, I was actually acting here of how to take a stolen shot, a demo one.

This trip is not a retreat if we wouldn't be close to God and to each other (classmates). The trip went great, yes, Father Pavol was right, everyone also enjoyed the favorite session, the FOOD session. haha Cheers to that! Based on my recalls, I was the only one awake in our room because I was drinking coffee, which has no effect to me since I slept after 5 minutes. lol.
My roomie #1, Lesley 
Starting from the left, that's my roomie # 2, Hazel of Dreamslink, then Paulene and on the right is Jeraldine
Camille and Jeraldine
 By the way, I would like to say sorry for the blurred pictures and also for not taking as many pictures as I can since I got busy with the activities plus my camera was kept so intact inside my bag. Thank you to Father Pavol Hudak for being our facilitator during the retreat. We'll surely miss you next year if you leave! :(

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