Sunday, December 23, 2012

Feloes' Outing on the 22nd

Just had another Feloes' Outing (our group). Yesterday, we had our latest Feloes' Outing as requested by Tiffany, my best friend, who is about to leave on the 26th of December because of her accepted scholarship to Singapore. Congratulations Tiffsy for that!! So proud for you, but kinda felt sad because it'll take us 4-6 years before we meet again. :(

We had our trip to Robinsons Magnolia. Sad to say, we lacked Stephanie Gan, Geline Cua and Alex Ortiz, but I enjoyed every single moment with them that time.
from left to right: Ash, Les, me, Tiffsy, Den, Czar and Nikki

 That day, I had to admit that Lesley and I became the entertainers for the day. There were laugh trips and more.

So, for that, I tried to compile all the pictures and videos into one single video, hope you'd like it, watch it below. ♥