Monday, December 31, 2012

Jailhouse Rock

Everybody dancin' to the jailhouse rock. Today was my bonding day with my mom. We went place to place to shop for clothes, visit cousin, go to church, visit antique shops etc. I enjoyed visiting the antique shop, but only mom bought some stuffs for display.

 My brother and I had fun strolling the antique shop and found some old vinyl records. But the one I'm holding above is the old laser disc. It's amazing since it's my first time seeing a bigger version of a "CD". What I was common to is what my brother was holding (the one below).

Can you see those stacks of books? COOL

After arriving home, got myself a quick change of my top because I'm gonna visit my grandma, and the grey shirt I'm wearing is kinda sweaty already. lol #girlproblems

 Remember the cross my dad gave me, I'm so proud of wearing it and bragging it in the street because of my name engraved on it.

So, if you're wondering about my post title "Jailhouse Rock", I guess I got tired of thinking a new and attractive title, maybe because of the antique shop I was talking about, but also because I'm feeling sleepy right now and I want to share to you the song I got LSSed. (last song syndrome) :D