Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

Welcoming 2013. Happy New Year Everyone! Manigong Bagong Taon! 大家新年快樂! 

 I had so much fun during New Year's Eve. I can't imagine how people became so festive outside even though there were super huge firecrackers. Neighbors were all dancing along the street and throwing confetti all around. Some even had their own mini fountain, a type of firework.

I myself couldn't agree more with the noise I'm hearing. But to take part of the celebration, I had to use my ear plugs.

I passed around a piece of paper and let my family members write some thoughts they'd like to say about 2013.

Of course, New Year's Eve wouldn't be complete without Media Noche (traditional food celebration during New Year's Eve)... nom nom.. :D

After the fireworks sighting, I went outside to see how everything's going. Upon going outside, I saw sall my neighbors and some teens holding their water guns and pails of water, they're all playing and throwing water to almost everyone. It's a bright idea since all the remaining unused fireworks/firecrackers or the ones that didn't popped out would not eventually pop, so it's safe. Then after everyone got wet, I also observed everyone was holding a broomstick and dustpan, and they're all sweeping the street. So, the next day, I mean a later while, the street is completely clean and blast-free.