Wednesday, March 20, 2013

After All, The End

Being a junior is now over. School Year 2012-2013 has just ended. Have we accomplished our tasks well? Did we enjoy the life of a junior high student? Well, I'd say YES. I encountered challenges in academics and in personal life, but I surpassed them all. 3rd year is challenging but we enjoyed being in it, with the help of our teachers and friends and almost everyone.                                
Last week was final examination week, let's call it hard, (crossing fingers) hoping that my "sleep-less" nights studying would lead to success.

Awhile ago, we had our mini "party" with fellow schoolmates. :D
From left to right: Carla, Jianne, Reanna, me, ChuBert (hehe) and Brent
Even had a wacky shot with Miss Sumajit, our KaDiFil club moderator. I didn't had my wacky pose because I got tired laughing before the picture was taken. :'(

Photo grabbed from Jianne's instagram. #Regram

I will never forget those moments, especially those times that people knew me even better.

Goodbye 3rd Year! See You Soon, 4th Year!