Sunday, June 02, 2013

The INactive Blogger

Call it laziness in blogging. I haven't had the chance to upload some of the photos to Instagram and Facebook so I decided to share it here though. Here are also some of the reasons of not being an active blogger these past days..

 The picture above was when I was self studying in advance at home while eating hot Korean noodles. I can't possibly just enter the new school year with a brain-less situation since I admit I'm not into computations and any mathematical problems. No offense to the smart kids out there, but I'm not like you... huhu :'(

I am mostly into food hunting, so you'd say I'm chubby than before (also, I rarely train in running).
 Even way back in camp, eating is like a hobby already.. teehee!

I'm kind of getting seriously concentrated to photography of ceramics and porcelains. Why? nonetheless, I love the filters and the vibrant editing. I always choose the vivid yet vintage looking photos.


But here I am right now, this was taken a few days ago. I got this injury when the broken "Arcopal" plate fell down on my foot, so the small ceramic pieces became tiny, as well as hit exactly through my vein.. :'( Now I missed the big game in running..


 I'm also busy going to events, art museums, shows, etc.. I'm letting myself know my environment and familiarize in things that has something to do with my hobbies and the likes.

Until next post!