Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Seniors

First post about my new school year (late post). Time check, it's 6:15am and I know I'm so early, but anyways, I saw Hazel (of Dreamslink) and went up with her. On the way up, I was thinking how sad could go without my closest friends as my classmates, and I need to cope up with new, as in NEW people, or the ones I rarely talk to. But as I check my watch time to time, and it's 7am already, saw my friends and we all made an oath of always stay together during lunch. I know it does sounds like a kindergarten oath..

Here's one of my barkadas (girl group) named as 4M? I don't really like taking photos of myself especially inside comfort rooms, but one of my friends said her phone's inside her bag, so I just let my phone be used for it.. gosh! :)
 As I walk through corridors, someone shouted "Khlyfz", then someone pulled my arm, someone even screamed "HEY ROQUE" and I was speechless because I didn't expect first day of seniors like that wild.

Dinner: Korean noodles.

That's all for the incredibly late post!