Friday, October 04, 2013

Art Post #20

Uber duper late post. We all know that I've been the kind of person who's "missing in action" when it comes to blogging. I just had no time these past months because Seniors Year is going through the busy way. But I'm here to share another art post that I made for my group weeks ago, and I'm gonna share it before exam week arrives in a few days.

 P.S. Don't mind the icons below, that's just some of my everyday apps. :)

I've got like 5-7 layers in this work, drew the heads using circles as my base line.
Below are the code names we use to call each other.
Our group started last school year, so you could see that the year said "2012 - 2013 and onwards", because you never wanna end some friendship, don't you?
Well, that's all!  Soon, I could post some long text ahead.