Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Project: Blog Makeover

Polishing skills further. It has been a while since I last posted, now this time, I'll post about my finished work, a blog makeover for one of my close friends, Hazel Chung. As I have posted before, she used to be Dreamslink, and now, she renewed her blog into Mixin' Match.

 Hazel told me a few days ago she wanted something purple that contains pastel colors and would seem like a minimalist-girly traveler. I made a rough draft in my journal containing the parts like background, header, sidebar, line break options, and lastly, the official blog logo.
 I actually made three options for the line break in every post.

 The drawing of the logo differed from the one I made, I decided to use her initials instead of her name for a minimalist look. By the way, I forgot to draw the background in my journal but, anyways, that's a surprise for you guys.

I used vector as my base for graphics. The header took me a long while to make the details perfect as how I drew it in my draft.

PS She'll be the one to open her blog (yes, it's still closed?), so let's say this post is a teaser! I'll promote her blog here as soon as she announces it publicly

Stay tuned for another post.