Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hypnosis | Lit

Moment of being hypnotized. Long post. Don't take the title seriously. Have you ever felt that? Being hypnotized? But in a good way? Well, I think I am. I am feeling it right now, right at this moment. I'm being controlled and my destiny is also manipulated. Not that I'm saying I'm stupid enough to be manipulated by someone, but the fact that idiomatically speaking, you know you're in a "sphere" shaped ball and let it roll..

It's amazing seeing how this ball would stop rolling. It's a bit endless. Future. All I can say is, watching this ball roll is similar to taking chances and opportunities in life.
When I was a kid, I've read psychology books accidentally out of boredom. Yes, I learned something, and by that, I knew someone was reading me all along this past school year, someone was observing / analyzing me and my traits. (Hi to you if you're reading this post) But what that person didn't know is that I've been reading him/her too.. funny but true.
Image from Google; screenshot
I'm hypnotized by the inexplicable measures of life... of love... and all that is abstract enough. I can't explain how I've been tagged by hypnosis. Hypnosis, literal or not, I couldn't believe someone could possibly make me change my old frowning self into a cheerful no-worries type of person. That is what I'm pointing right now. Hypnosis used for good, or better perhaps, not only in medications or what, but the use of feelings passing through the mind.