Thursday, June 12, 2014

She's The Icon

My favorite cartoon character. Out of the blues, I wanna share to you a new topic. Let's talk about my favorite cartoon character. She's one of the Disney princesses, and I bet you know her too. She took over her father's position in the army due to his father's health conditions. She has this brave soul to fight over other attackers in China. So let me present to you my "not-so-pretty" digitalized work. Hua Mulan. (in the movie: Fa Mulan)

I remember when I was like 5-6 years old, I watched this and got impressed on how she transformed her looks to be able to join the army. Not that I want to mock her, but the fact that she chose the better path. After few years, Disney released the part two of the movie Mulan. I got that  happy emotions of a normal kid, "yay!!!". I also remember that whenever there's halloween costume party, I'd dressed up as Mulan with a fake sword, but of course, that was way back my kiddie years, and now I've grown mature enough, still, I will always be the number one fan of this movie, and Mulan herself.

hashtag: #throwbackthursday

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