Monday, June 16, 2014

Same Old Summer

That same old summer for me. It is a typical summer for me, and if you're asking, yes it's already June but still no classes for us (Thomasians). I'm feeling mixed excitement for being a college freshman this coming July, but, at the same time, nervousness and boredom combined.

 How a lazy me enjoys long break?

Well, food, my love, gives me bunch of happiness to spend around long breaks. Pigging out is what I'm good at, and my friends know that.

Grocery shopping.
I love grocery shopping, more like hunting. It takes me an hour perhaps just for my snacks, and add up another hour for family food.
The "Highlands Corned Lamb" caught my attention because of the product packaging and maybe the color of the canned good..?

Practicing my sketch.
Aside from being a pig fed up in the house, I'm also practicing my "low" skills in drawing. Recently, I just draw a Volkswagen Beetle car using Monggol and mechanical pencil. I didn't mind the angles, perspectives and all because it's a 15 minute drawing without ruler.

Lastly, I'm happy to announce I already have my first new reading glasses in the lowest grade. Forget the poker face I brought in for a shot, should I say "startled" by my mom and decided not to react instead.

(All photos from phone camera)
Stay tuned for the next post.