Saturday, August 16, 2014

Live Like Them

Live like a pro artist. So, I tried to make time to post for you guys! (pardon me for being MIA). I've been wondering since I was kid what it feels to live the life of an artist. No, it's not that easy. We don't just draw and draw and study nothing but drawing and arts. I admire them all for the hard work and perseverance.

I learned from my block that even though you're not that good, all it takes is practicing every day. We also had to have proper time management, especially in my program (which is Advertising Arts). I can't believe that in the past, I just take drawing as my hobby, and I don't even mind if it's ugly or not but I simply look at it as an art. lol
Now, I do know that being an artist (in the making) requires patience, responsibility, and, let's say imaginative as well so you could also be creative.

 Time goes by, I can say my body is getting weak compared to when I have just been wanting to enter the school. So, another lesson learned, finish plates as early as you can, NO CRAMMING, and by that, you could get enough sleep. If your plate requires a lot of time, then make sure you'd still have enough sleep the following day. I remember my high school days that I do not actually have to spend even a 50-Peso bill just for me to earn. College life, expenses on art materials, transportation, food, etc. is taking over, and my eyelids slowly closing during class hours. #dogdaysaregone 

Solution to those problems? I got mine for awhile.

  • Get yourself some sugar! I always bring with me a chocolate bar, and then I get hyped instantly
  • Organize. It's the best thing to do. Weekly planner is better than the monthly one. I recommend
  • Seek help from the pros. Internet + friends + block + prof = GOOD (I have the kindest block in the planet. Love them to bits haha)
  • Log in. At the back of my organizer is my "daily expenses log" all in a single paper. I get to see my expenses and try to earn them back and save some for my personal expenses
Hope it helps. :)
My high school life was all about the fun stuff and I used to be that hyper kiddo who loves to joke around everyone else, but right now, everything changed. I mean, I could still joke around and have fun though, but academics? nope. A simple "OKAY NA 'TO!" wouldn't do good, and it'll just lower down your self-esteem looking at others' work. But approaching them for some tips and advice on how to's will make them feel like a boss, just kidding, it'll make them feel they're that good and could help those in need. wow.
Anyways, being an artist doesn't mean you have no future. Your future depends on you. (Okay, why do I sound so deep and mature.. 'nuff said!)
So I'm currently working on a friend's blog design, geez, my brain's a bit old to process on html codings, and I couldn't even get my blog a jquery..

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