Saturday, October 11, 2014

I've Been Tagged

Tagged. Thank you to the readers who emailed me to post this (*wink wink*) and of course to my friends who tagged me. (Hi Andi and Prin!) 

I'm really too shy to post things like this but, oh well, #TAGGED
Here are 20 Facts About Me:

  1. I'm in love with patterns, prints, and decals 
  2. I'm super organize when it comes to layouts (web, notebook, planner etc.)
  3. I don't go for "diet", instead, I go for "pig out"
  4. Horror and suspense fanatic, more like a critique
  5. Quesadillas and cream pies are my top faves
  6. Pants > skirts
  7. I like things that are personalized and customized, much appreciated
  8. I prefer afternoon hangouts 
  9. An ultimate crammer by heart, but never a procrastinator
  10. So much love for all kinds of music especially EDM, trance, trap, dubstep, techno
  11. There's only a percent chance you'd see me wearing grey
  12. Not a bookworm
  13. I eat sweets when I study at night, let's say it has been a hobby
  14. Carbonated softdrinks (sodas) are a big NO NO
  15. I do not like wearing make-up (ugh, I feel sick)
  16. Treat me ice cream and I'd be able to give you the proper advice you need
  17. I collect notebooks, dresses, jackets, and sweaters
  18. Least favorite color would be pink, but that still depends on the shade of it
  19. I look like I'm a snob, arrogant, but nope, I'm actually crazy, hyper, oh, add "weirdo" to that
  20. I used to play RC's (remote controlled cars) and even placed dolls inside telling my friends that those dolls are racers. I know. Weird indeed. 
So those are some of what I could share to you right now. Request: Don't judge. :) I will tag people in my social accounts, and feel free to tag yourselves, I wanna know more of you guys! :D yay!

Stay tuned for the next post.