Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Because I'm Back

A new post because I'm back (more like a movie post). I will be honest to say it's been a long time since I last posted. Now even for short period I think I can insert my time into blogging. I remember my friends would ask me when am I going to re-open my blog to the public. I would just keep telling them that there's no time for it. Blogging should not be a barrier, it's already part of my hobby and passion to express so, lesson learned, start small again and blog, not for others, but because you wanted to.

image from Google
I lost track in blogging because I had to focus on my art plates and academic projects; survived, made it, now I'm back and ready to blog. On a different note, it's already vacation and have to start posting again for a change. My blog is barely breathing.

These days, aside from being busy with summer training, I've been keeping it easy like watching movie marathons and tv series, call me a late bloomer, but I'm loving Pretty Little Liars and Supernatural.
I know, weird right. Funny thing while watching PLL on my computer, teasers of season 6 showed up and I kind of got a glimpse of a few scenes. SPOILED! How about Supernatural? Well I've seen some scenes of this last year and I didn't know what it was all about until a friend told me it really suits my fandom over suspense and thrillers.
Movies that I watched this past few weeks were mixed genres. I am more likely to become a movie addict than a book-lover because nothing beats my lazy bum mode this summer.

So to end this "dramatic" post of mine, I'm ending it with another quote.
Okay, I promise, next post will be sensible enough. lol