Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lately | Exposure

Exposure related to my program. Last June 16 was the 40th anniversary of CDO Foodsphere Inc. and I was trained to be a hands-on production staff (which I had already experienced in another event before this). It was such a big opportunity for me to meet other respected people in the industry, to be responsible, and to boost my confidence. The company I'm being trained at made it possible that night that you have to know how to be part of their team.
Making designs, errands, traveling from place to place, meeting new faces, getting to know famous peeps, now that is what I call an exposure.

June 16. I got sick on that same day but that didn't stop me from doing my work, from enjoying. Well I have to put events planning on top of my list in the electives for third year. Yay! Thank you Stingray Advertising for this.
 Being an intern (in my opinion):
1. Be smart. From the very beginning of your interview until the very end of your work, I'm not saying you should act like you know everything, but just act proper enough to be part of their company, and respond as if you are responsible to carry the name of their company.
2. Explore more of your capabilities, ask questions if that's what it takes
3. Cooperate. You're part of a team, work with them, don't take all the workload by yourself.
4. Respect. Higher authorities are simply not your friends. Don't act like as if they are your besties, but be humble, and if ever it happens that you're comfortable enough to talk and chit chat with them, still, respect. They can fire you anytime, just kidding.

I'm sharing these advices not because it's cool to be an intern (even though I'm just an incoming sophomore in college), but because these are for the incoming interns as well.

Stay tuned for the next post.