Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Neon Fun Run

Glow and run. Hey Guys! I bet you all wanna come join the newest wave of fun. Run and go crazy over neon lights at night with your friends and family.
Here's the brochure guys! The poster below says it all.
Feel free to contact Neon Fun Run ~ Philippines on Facebook

 Let's all save the date: December 7, 7pm, Quezon Memorial Circle

For all I know this will be worth it, they'd throw neon glow water on you, and it's SAFE. They also said that 1st 500 runners in a particular area gets to enjoy the unlimited service of neon face paint. The best part of the run (aside from running while dancing with the beat) is the post-party a.k.a. Concert after run.
 One of the many sponsors is Skechers, and they've released their Nite Owl edition which you can use especially in the event. Cool, isn't?
 Here are some samples of shoes that would definitely fit to the Neon Run.

A teaser (video of a successful neon run from another country).

Mark your calendars! Kitakits!