Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Summer in Aurora (Part 1)

Summer in Aurora once again. Officially back in blogging again. To tell you honestly, I stopped blogging because I can't upload pictures in this blog and Google has no solutions for it so I decided to "slightly close" and stop posting temporarily. But now, I found an alternative server that allows me to upload pictures. Yeah, call me a junkie, a computer-no-geek person, but that's me.

April 17
The last time I went to Aurora was way back 2008. Daaang I pretty miss the fresh air, the simple lives of the people here, the peaceful surrounding, my relatives, and perhaps all things I might relate to.

There has been a huge improvement since the last time I saw this place. My grandma had some changes inside her house, and so does the house of my aunt, and I'm talking of the complete interior and furniture. Whew!

April 18 
The truth is, we went home to bond with family and relatives because it's been a while seeing each other (and we still aren't complete.. huhu) We also heard that Aurora also had tons of changes in terms of attractions, lifestyle, supermarkets, restos, resorts, etc.

 Pavilion Bar & Grill.

 Back of Costa Pacifica.
 A huge Gardenia loaf bread air balloon. Enjoyed their free foodies.

So many lodges/transient houses/villas are built near the beach, and seeing those made me think that Aurora now gave much of job opportunities to the people there.

Stay tuned for the part 2. Still have so many to share though.