Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Week of New Memories

A dairy of my UST freshmen week. 
July 7 - 11, 2014.
Source: Tomasino Web, copyright of Brianna Karla N. Cardenas

July 7, 2014. A feeling of excitement and nervousness. I had to get up early and ready to meet my block mates and some high school friends, and if given the chance, to be able to attend to the first mass at UST.
It was so funny until now I could still recall every bit of details on how I met my block mates. I remembered they're all just sitting, waiting for others inside the gazebo-like structure, and I had to initiate and do the talking first. "Hi! 1AD4 ba 'to? Namumukhaan ko kasi kayo." (Hi! Is this 1AD4? Because I'm familiar with your faces.). I also couldn't stop giggling over how we had our first group selfie: yes, awkward Mona Lisa kind of smile. But to be honest, I enjoyed talking to them and that leads to...
Photo by Irish Alemania (Block mate)

July 8, 2014. Talking with some 1AD4 last July 7 lead me to making new friends. This day is our first uniform day. I also saw some new faces in 1AD4, and as much as I want to talk to them, I kind of got the feeling to just act normal, prim and proper, because they might misinterpret my "noisiness". We also had our Freshmen Orientation and Block Bonding allotted for this day. The closeness of 1AD4 made me realized that we might be the next "Most United Group" due to them wanting a one big lunch group, but it's sad to admit that we won't fit in any resto or food areas.

July 9, 2014. SOAR 2014 (CFAD Orientation). College of Fine Arts and Design. We learned a lot from each CFAD representatives. From discipline, proper uniforms up to tips, organizations, and e-Leaps. I'm amazed on how they had a collaboration with Blackboard Mobile and thus, we have a new app/site in our phone that is similar to the UST portal and in here we'd be able to see assignments, homework, grades, contact number of corresponding professors, etc. The promotion of each CFAD organization made it easy for me to choose the appropriate org, but for some, it made their decisions go difficult because of different perks and benefits offered.

July 10, 2014. An absolute campus tour for us freshmen. We toured along a total of eight stations and had a brief knowledge about every building near to it. The scorching heat that time wanted us to dive in a pool but of course, we have to still be in a cool leash of being the "behaved" batch. In addition to that, Viber Philippines collaborated with our school for cool activities, prizes, and freebies like fans and lanyards. #ViberUniversity

July 11, 2014. Starting from the 7th until 10th of July, I had to admit I'm nearly having body pain maybe because I was used to getting up late, but it's clear for me that I'm having my proper body clock again, hooray for that. This is a special day for us Thomasians especially freshmen. Despite body pain and feet aching, we are all excited for this day because it's our UST Welcome Walk 2014. The main picture above by ate Bria is the picture from our Welcome Walk. Before the said day, I even had to prepare myself to be hyper the following day, I even had to drink caffeine in the morning too. Overall, it was indeed extreme, the day went great and we received freebies again from both CFAD and UST.

As they say, making new memories is a must in college.
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