Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Awaited Week: Freshmen

Maximizing the remaining 5 days. I have been trying my very best to make the most of my "extended" vacation. I could say I'm all productive and set for the upcoming first day. I asked some of my friends and answers varied from each. Some can't contain their excitement like me, and some are way too nervous to meet everyone not from their alma mater. Some are excited for the activities and awaited events like the "HELLO!: The UST Welcome Party" organized by the KD Events and Productions, thanks to my friend, Dennise Cruz for inviting me into this, check out her blog
Source: thedominicanrepublic.tumblr.com/post/3216798870/arch-of-the-centuries
I even planned for my to:do list for the whole week of orientation.

TO:DO Freshmen Week:

the cover of my playlist. that's why it's coined to as "Day"
  • Forget about nervousness, time for a "Soar High" confidence 
  • Explore more and take time to know your food trip locations, hang out spots and the like
  • During Recruitment 101, find the less hassle organization, and also the one I foresee myself enjoying the activities
  • Never too late to MEET NEW PEOPLE
  • Take a look at the other people how they take advantage of leisure, and work perhaps
  • Attentively listen to the professors for material suggestions, and revise them if it's that costing
  • Update blog??
  • Lastly, enjoy the week. Because those are the days you'd hang on to enjoyment, the rest would be to study hard, aim for the better me (compared to high school) BAWAL NA DAW PETIKS
I'm perfectly sure I will have to commute since it's quite four streets away from our house and there is no need for parent bothersome. In addition to that, I just think being independent is a huge requirement for college, and a half of it, my parents taught me that "TRUST" is a humongous word in college, you have to learn how to control it. Also, I would really wish myself to learn how to balance food + material buying + transportation expenditures all at once, this will make me survive the best of college.

Late post. pop art comic style.
Method of stippling by Philip Berrill "The Flying Artist"

An epic fail sketch.. the croissant bread was even quoted "kidney" by my friend :( huhu

Before I end this post, I wanna share my personal playlist of how I'm gonna march that first day of being a college freshman. 

How about you? How was your first day? Or, How will you spend your first day? #thoughts

Stay tuned for the next posts. :D